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Efficiency & Curiosity

Efficiency & Curiosity is an attempt to give efficiency a face. To make it tangible and discussable. It explores different aspects and directions across different fields and from different angles. It is an ongoing research project – seemingly asynchronous and fragmented. Yet it follows but one distinct question: What is efficiency about? Efficiency seems to be a pervasive concept, deeply rooted in our day-to-day activities and generally understood as a virtue. Once a concept to increase productivity, economic efficiency has been adapted by engineering, architecture, design, politics and society. It started to subtly shape our surroundings and is enabling a world that reaches peaks of (economic) efficiency previously thought to be impossible at any point in human history. Due to developments in information technology the impact of efficiency becomes gradually more graspable. We believe, the key to understand what makes us more efficient lies in the vast amount of traces we leave behind: data.



INT. – Interactive Business Development

We help companies prosper through smart use of digital tools and services. Through our inventive business mindset, a design driven process and a network-based approach, we solve business challenges for ambitious companies. Frequently in our work, when digital systems influence the physical spaces, new opportunities for interaction emerge. The emergence, expansion and widespread use of innovative products and services based on big data have revolutionised global economies and societal structures facilitating faster access to knowledge. Information technology is enabling a world that is more economically efficient than in any other time in human history. Our goal is to make our business partners realise the potential of being a connected company. If you want to partner with us, please connect here.



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